Feature: Trendland

Magazine, Art Gallery, Television… 

That pretty much sums up a website that I came across while reading an article about one of my favorite Interior Designers, Sabrina Soto (as you know, I am always looking for inspiration and trends in Interior Design).  The site is called “Trendland.”  It’s a cutting-edge e-zine that visually presents Trend Forecasting in:






Image from Trendland


Image of Trendland Flipboard Page


Each area breaks down into various subject areas, depending on your preferred area to peruse at the time.  The sites two founders, Cyril Foiret and Ani Tzenkova see our humble planet as “a world of raw trends, waiting to be nurtured and defined.” 

For some more insight, here is a little blurb from their About Page;

“Trendland aims to be the source for trend forecasters, professional and otherwise while redefining web media and becoming a techno-savvy hybrid of a magazine, art gallery and television all in one. Currently their multi-media assault on the fashion world includes their Online Magazine, TV, and The Mobile Dairy.”

E-zines have been helping entrepreneurs build their businesses for many years.  Trendland is hoping to do the same while redefining this medium- showing only images with text appearing solely at the customer’s request.

I would definitely check this site out.  It’s where I’ll be going to look for the latest trends and design inspiration.

Talk to you soon!



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