Colorful Inspiration PLUS Link to a Color Profile Case Study

Hi everyone,

To close out another productive work week– it’s been busy in my neck of the woods, in a good way- I wanted to share some colorful inspiration with you.

I really love this image…I thought of a name and added the text…

Bright Blooms ImageI was so inspired by this that I found similar images and created a webpage for them.

Bright Blooms 2

Bright Blooms 3
Disclaimer, I found these in the Creative Commons section of Flickr, a great place to find photos that you can take and use as you desire, like for Mood Boards as I do. No strings attached! Link to the webpage I built for this HERE. I call it Bright Blooms.

Also, to see more imagery and insight into the Color Profile Process for Design and Advertising, check out this post I wrote for 365 Days of Marketing’s Blog. In the post I take you through the process that I carry out when working with a client on a color profile for their branding efforts. You’ll see an in-depth account of the research, consultation, art and design that takes place as well as the visual pieces that result. Take a look…

Thanks so much,


Pure Designs is a creative company that I launched in order to offer graphic design and web design services to small businesses and individuals. With over ten years of experience in Marketing and Design, I have a wealth of information and inspiration to share. I love what I do and look forward to each and every day that I can design. View my portfolio here,, to get an idea of what I do. Comment on this post or use the contact form on my website to reach me with any questions or to book a consultation. Talk soon!


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