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I create authentic user experience and brand identities by delivering top-tier design and development services, even if we are located on opposite sides of the world. I’m a graphic designer and web designer/developer who also has education and experience in business marketing and operations. To sum up who I am- I started on the business side of Marketing and transitioned into art, design and development. My mission is to help my clients build compelling visual identities through thorough and well-researched design that will work to build credibility for their businesses and/or events as well as increase their reach and revenues. I specialize in User Experience, Brand Identity and Collateral Design (logos, webpages, websites, color profiles, invitations, business cards and more) that give you exposure in print and on the web. With my extensive background and education in business strategy, business management and design, I am poised to meld my design expertise with overarching business goals.

Feel free to view my work on my full portfolio site, learn more about my services and contact me to book a consultation. You can also contact me here on my blog. I love what I do and am happy to talk about it anytime!

My Journey to Become a Brand Designer

I started my career in Marketing and Design with a business degree in marketing. Fresh out of school I worked in public outreach for the Philadelphia Water Department’s Department of Watersheds. I worked with a team of engineers and scientists who tested the Philadelphia region’s source water. It was my job to design reports, presentations and a website, along with whatever else was needed, that communicated the results of the tests and called officials and the public to action to engage in practices that would improve the source water, or, drinking water. As you might imagine, it as an uphill battle that had me using everything I learned in college, and more. The “more” is where my work with, and love of, design started. From that time on, I never worked on anything without considering color, typography, layout and how it all tied into the image and personality of the company, or whatever organization or person was the parent of the event or product. I also considered appeal to the target market as necessary because you must always consider how your audience perceives things. This is where I learned the value of targeting the market that is looking for what you offer (this is where research comes in, another passion of mine– I’m often told that I’m a bit of a geek. I’m so proud). When you do this, it is so much easier to be true to who (or what) you are because being authentic, or the real you, is so much easier and, man does it sell.

Relating to you… Life of the Party… Be the Life of the Party

To put this into perspective, imagine you are at a party and you meet someone who is genuine, easy to interact with and who is happy to chat with you about things you are both interested in. As you get to know this person, you like them more and come to value their opinions and recommendations. If you have a problem and think that this person can help you, you will go to them and trust that their solution is what you need. Now imagine you meet someone who just seems fake, who is difficult to read and who only seems interested in what you are because they want to sell you on something you’re pretty sure you don’t even want or need. Maybe they look ok on the surface but as you talk with them more and maybe even try out something that they recommend, you soon realize that they were not at all what they seemed. The were not authentic, therefore, you will not be talking with them again.

How does this connect with brand identity?

Simple, the party is the world of your target market and you mingle at this party, engaging with individuals, and sometimes large groups. Because you chose your party carefully, you know that you are a good fit for this group and that you will bring value to their lives- because you can easily be yourself and get along with everyone, interaction is a breeze, people like you and believe what you say. You help them solve their problems and you in turn build trust with them. Ok, here is where brand identity is key- I promise I’m getting to it. When you go to the party you need to dress appropriately. It’s not enough to talk the talk and simply exist, you need to walk the walk, and, in the end, you need to look good doing it. You want to look your best and ensure that the other guests are impressed by you and that they see the real you. When your clothes are sharp, put together well, are of high quality and are classic and timeless, you steal the show. This is why so many high profile people have image consultants, tailors, fashion designers and experts working with them.

You want to put their best foot forward

Now, when it comes to your business, the precious thing that you have invested countless amounts of time, energy and passion into, don’t you want someone educated, experienced and savvy ‘dressing you up’ so that you can go to that party and knock ’em dead? Well, that is what I do. I research, I plan and I design your look. My livelihood is studying color and color interactivity, layout and composition, typography and dimension along with the software that builds these intended visions so that I can create your identity on paper and on screen. I also take care of knowing you and knowing your target and knowing your goals so that you put your best foot forward with an authentic and compelling visual identity.

My Own ‘Mix’

After working for several years in the business world as a marketing coordinator, consultant and manager, I went back to school for a Master Certification in Graphic and Web Design and am working with clients on their Marketing and Design needs. I’m not stopping there either! I am also working to earn a masters degree in Web Design and New Media from the Academy of Art University. I am loving every minute of it and look forward to my work everyday. I must say that I am so excited about the marketing and design industries and all that they have to offer! They are color, light, science, business, growth, and so much more.  That is why I decided to make Marketing and Design my career pursuits.  I have a vast amount of global knowledge in the industry and am still happily learning.

Take a look at what I’ve done so far…My Portfolio.

I have expansive passions for and knowledge of business, marketing & PR, as well as design, art, architecture, international business and travel.  I am now blending these areas of my life and career to become a more well-rounded marketer, designer and professional.  My ultimate goal in life is to blend art and business to deliver identity design and development services to a global clientele.

As I learn and grow in this field I will share what I am learning, creating and building in order to learn, improve and network. I am always learning and growing and am therefore ready for any and all feedback. Therefore, feel free to browse through my work and leave comments, suggestions and resources. I’ll share what I discover as well.

My Mission

My life path, as I see it after years of working, learning and searching, is to provide strategic identity design services to entrepreneurs.  I love research, communication, business, technology and art and am thrilled that I can make a career with all of these passions.

A little about me…Image of Jennifer Beatty

I am married an active duty Marine and we have two beautiful children.  Just after we were married, we moved to North Carolina where I went to cosmetology school, graduated as valedictorian, and worked in the salon world as both a practitioner and marketing consultant.  We have since traveled to California, Virginia, and now Japan.

Right now I work in corporate marketing with a U.S. Government Organization (MCCS) where I coordinate and execute marketing strategies for a selection of clients (fitness, health & wellness, personal services, hospitality services, organizational branding & marketing, and services and recreation).  My team of four also manages over 40 Facebook pages, a website and a weekly podcast.  I have also been tasked with developing, coordinating and executing an organizational branding campaign which is just now being progressively launched.  Our Marketing department also produces several publications, to include a weekly newspaper, a monthly magazine, annual publications and books.

I also have started a business of my own that I hope to make my full time job, Pure Designs. I work with clients on their design needs. It’s incredible being able to help others through what I know and am learning.

I am constantly growing as a creative professional and lifelong learner and invite you to join me and interact with me.


Thank you,



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