Pure Designs’ Launch…

A creative take on a photo of me taken with my iPhone. Little fun in the office that day!

“…you’re not waiting on the world, the world is waiting on you.”  ~ Jon Morrow

Hello Everyone!


Pure Designs is here to share information and perspective on the world(s) of Marketing and Design along with some lifestyle insights.  I have a wealth of knowledge in both the business and creative fields (Bachelor’s in Business Marketing, Master Certificate in Graphic and Web Design) and am still learning – in the midst of graduate work towards an MFA in Web Design and New Media in the coming weeks.  I hope to blend all of my knowledge and experience in order to assist business owners and individuals in designing identities and marketing collateral that will authentically represent who they are to the world.

I’m just getting started with building what I hope will be a fun resource to those who are interested in expanding their knowledge of marketing, design and life in general.  As I go through my experiences in marketing, design and continuing education, I’ll talk about what I learn and how this can benefit anyone. Examples of these are:

  • marketing and design best practices
  • trends
  • tips and techniques on maximizing your marketing efforts, whether it’s for you or your business

…pretty much anything to help you gain more knowledge and have fun with marketing and design.   The business and creative worlds are constantly changing in so many ways, therefore, we must consistently stay current..  So let’s get started!

You’ll see along the side of my blog pages links to my favorite resources.  I will be drawing from those as well as others the information that I will write about and share.  Give me your reaction at any time and let’s grow together.  There is value and learning to be had around every corner.

A little about me…

I have a diverse background that combines business and creativity, both educationally and professionally. I have a business degree in marketing from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA.  I worked as a consultant in public relations immediately after I graduated until I married a Marine and began my journey of world exploration as a military spouse.  Just after we were married, we moved to North Carolina where I went to cosmetology school, graduated as valedictorian, and worked in the salon world as both a practitioner and marketing consultant.  We have since traveled to California, Virginia, and now Japan.  I went back to the business of Marketing and Design in California, along with maintaining beauty industry networks and work, and am still there. I love it passionately and am pursuing graduate work in Marketing; Graphic Design, Web Design and New Media.

Right now I work in corporate marketing with a U.S. Government Organization (MCCS) where I coordinate and execute marketing strategies for a selection of clients (fitness, health & wellness, personal services, hospitality services, organizational branding & marketing, and services and recreation).  My team of four also manages over 40 Facebook pages, a website and a weekly podcast.  I have also been tasked with developing, coordinating and executing an organizational branding campaign which is just now being progressively launched.  I also am traveling the region and am sitting down with business owners and creative professionals in order to learn how the Pacific Rim embraces the world of creativity (I’ve explored, Japan, the Philippines, and Australia so far).

I also work with clients one on one through my new and growing business, Pure Designs. I love helping others discover their brand identity through connecting with them about their passions, goals and values. My mission is to make Pure Designs my full time job in the very near future. It’s a work in progress but it’s working!

I am constantly growing as a creative professional and lifelong learner and invite you to join me.

My Mission

My ultimate goal in life is to be a creative professional who designs Identities and collateral for a global clientele.  Right now I am learning and gaining experience. As I do that I will write and share about that as I believe that sharing information and knowledge makes the world a better place.

Thank you and look for more soon!