Masterminds, Pulling Your Brand Together and Then Building Your Graphics and Visual Elements

Hi Everyone!

Well, we survived the typhoon. Scott, my hubby, got to spend time with the kids, which is so nice as he travels so much for his job. I enjoyed the family time too and also had some free time to play on my social media networks where I met some amazing entrepreneurs that I’ll definitely be staying in touch with. A few of us are going to form a Mastermind Group. I am thrilled that this opportunity arose as I love masterminds. They are extremely powerful- a quick and dirty definition of them that I came up with is: “professional and personal development support groups.” How it works is you form a small group that checks in with each other once a week, once a month or whatever works best for all of you. You share goals, challenges as well as your knowledge and experience in order to help each other start and maintain forward progress towards your goals and dreams. You are cheerleaders for each other, accountability partners, sympathetic ears and more. If any of you have ever been a part of a mastermind group, you know what I mean. If you haven’t though and I’ve piqued your curiosity, Click Here to read more about Mastermind Groups.

Brand Insight

Now, for this week, for the Brand Insight, I am continuing to write about the Brand Building Process by talking about Building Your Brand’s Visual Elements. This is the part where we design. Color palettes, fonts, logos, newsletter templates, social media banners and backgrounds…all of the elements that comprise your look and feel. The trick is that the success of these elements depends on carrying out the preliminary legwork that I have been writing about. This process really is transformational- I learned this through years of experience in carrying this process out with my own clients. An amazing designer and educator, Jennifer Bourne of Bourn Creative, uses this workflow and also offers a lot of education on it. Learn more about Ms. Bourn and her business HERE.

To recap the Preliminary Steps:

  • Make sure that you determine your Purpose. Who are you and why are you in business. You may need to backtrack a bit and explore what your passion is. Read about it HERE.
  • Who is your Target Audience? Who are you in business for? Who will benefit from what you do or what you make? Read about it HERE.
  • How will you Talk Yourself Up? You need to communicate who you are, what you do and how you are better than the rest. How do you want your target audience to perceive you? What do you want them to think when they hear your name? Read about it HERE.

That brings us to designing all of the elements that will carry out the strategizing that we have been doing. Building a strategy, executing design and building a user experience is the core of what I do. I’ve written a lot about it here on my blog and will continue to do so. So please, take a look around, contact me if you have any questions and get started on building your brand!

Keep checking back too because from here I am going to share more about Brand Definition and Development (determining your passion and purpose-that thing that you are going to build a brand for and market), the Design Process, User Experience Design and more.

Image of a Brochure Design

Recent Brochure Design: The Core Brand Runs Through All Elements

Image of a Brochure Design Inside

Recent Brochure Design: The Core Brand Runs Through All Elements

Color Top: PINK

Romance, Femininity and Youth are moods that are often struck when considering the color pink. Soft tints of pink are often very soothing and appear to be more delicate. Contrary to that, HOT pink is stimulating and is used to incite activity. I used hot pink in the menu that I designed (and which I shared in a previous post) to entice appetites and stimulate hunger for the confections that it was advertising. Conversely, I used a soft pink in a baby shower invitation that I designed. Take a look.

Image of a Menu Design

Image of a Baby Shower Invitation

Creative Inspiration

I am always devouring design; every kind of it—household goods, fashion, architecture. You name it, I love seeing how it is build and how it functions to make our lives better. Good design from any field inspires the brand designs that I create.

Below are photos from Design Milk, one of my favorite sources for inspirational design photos. The first is a candlelit balcony. Just looking at it makes me relax and open up my creative channels. The second is a watch that separates the hours and the minutes. It’s unique and interesting. Gets me thinking…See what these photos do for you.

Image of a Candlelit Balcony

Image of a Split Watch

Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend. 🙂


Pure Designs is a creative company I launched that offers graphic design and web design services. With over eleven years of experience in Marketing and Design, I have a wealth of information and inspiration to share. I love what I do and look forward to each and every day that I can design. View my portfolio here to see a selection of my work. Please feel free to post a comment to my blog or use the contact form on my blog or website to reach me with any questions or to book a consultation. Talk soon!

Getting to Know YOU: Get Clear on Your Passions and Purpose PLUS a Color Tip and Creative Inspiration

Hi Everyone,

Before we start, check out my Media page to see a new type animation video that I recently completed as well as an interactive online brochure. Imagine the possibilities for your own business and brand!

I hope that you enjoyed reading about ePubs last week as well as all of the options and opportunities that you have to share your knowledge and promote your business with them. I also hope that you found some inspiration in the color tips and photos that were in

Image of a Brand Design

Logo and Brand Design by Jen

that post. Color and finding a look and feel that is relevant to your particular business is so important. Therefore, as you look at what I post each week in these areas, see what stands out to you in terms of designing the look of your brand. You never know when you will find just the right color or design element!

This week, I’ll continue to build on what I consider to be three main components to your brand’s design:

  • Brand Insight– Why do we spend so much time on brand development and design?
  • Color– What are its meanings and how can it apply to you?
  • Creative Inspiration– a little creative inspiration to feed your business’ brand development.

I have chosen these three areas because it’s important to know, first, who you are when you are building your brand identity, whether it is for you personally or for your business. Knowing who you are feeds your passions which it turn feeds your purpose and what you do in life. It’s a crucial first step and part of what I do is consult with clients to help them reach this clarity, should they need it. Having this insight sets us up for designing a brand for you or your business that will be successful in the long term. It really works, I’ve seen it firsthand.

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Custom Web Design, Logo Design, Brand Development…Want It All? Read On…

Hi everyone!Pure Designs Logo

I am SO relieved to say that this week cooled down. Just a little but it was much more bearable. My kids were able to play outside for a good amount of time without becoming completely exhausted. It was great to get some time to play with them. Life gets so busy that we often forget to take advantage of these little blips in time.

Speaking of freeing up some time…

This week I’d like to talk about a web design tool that is, in my opinion, a huge asset for business owners, event hosts, designers, developers…pretty much anyone who wants to share information of any kind online. The tool that I am talking about is a Content Management System, or CMS, for short. Content Management Systems are very powerful tools in web design that help with the organization and construction of websites and blogs. A few that you have probably heard of are WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke, and Joomla. They handle a lot of the back-end (web functionality, compatibility and coding) and file structuring work so that users can focus more on the visual aspects of their sites. I like them because I can build a website or a custom blog for a client and then hand over control of it to them. Once all of the pieces are properly in place, management is much more feasible. Even better, it allows that client to have a professionally designed website without a ton of residual maintenance fees.

Below is a screenshot of a site that I built for a client. Once I established and built the design, the client took over and updated from there.

Hair Artist Association LLCCMSs make it really easy for me to deliver a full-service, comprehensive design solution to clients in a fraction of the time it would take me to code a site from the ground up. I love that I can flex my design muscles and provide support in other areas of building a site and a brand, such as:

  • Information architecture
  • Custom color scheme
  • Custom graphics
  • Logo Design
  • Custom Newsletter Templates

…and so much more. Basically, we can focus on building your whole brand, your entire look and feel or personality, another huge asset as you go forward and compete in today’s market.

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